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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Adoption Journal 2: It's Greek to Us

Lisa has strode undaunted into the raging sea that is the Chinese language, and I'm damn impressed by her confidence. To me, all languages are impenetrable and impractical walls of chaos, and I thank my stars that I was born in the country that controls the world's dominant tongue.

We have two CDs of spoken phrases that Lisa gave me for Christmas, and we have a few websites to augment our learning, but otherwise we're on our own. So far, we've locked down the following:
  • Wo Ai Ni (I love you)
  • Bie Ku (don't cry)
  • Bie pa (don't be afraid)
  • Guai HaiZi (poor baby)
  • Wen yi wen (kisses)
  • Bao yi bao (hugs)
  • Wo DuZi E Le (I'm hungry)
  • Wo GuanDao KouKe Le (I'm thirsty)
The sad part is that we've heard hundreds more phrases, but they don't stick. Learning a new language at 34 makes you realize how pourous your brain becomes.


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