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Friday, January 07, 2005

Adoption Journal 3: Prints and Printses

It's 8:30 on Friday morning, a time that both of us are normally at work. Instead, Lisa is moisturizing her hands so that we can go to the feds and get our fingerprints scanned. The immigration office will send these prints to the FBI who will in turn report (hopefully) that we're not wanted criminals and can therefore get a visa for the baby. Whew.

Giving over your fingerprints may not seem like a big deal, but Lisa has been pretty stressed about it. The first time we got printed was for the state, and the technician said her hands were so dry they could barely get a print. So Lisa has been wearing moisturizing gloves every night for the past couple of weeks, and in the end they only helped a little. The technician had to re-scan several of her fingers, and in the end they weren't 100% certain that the prints would be accepted.

Nice surprise of the day: Guilford alum Nikos Chremos works for Mandala Adoption in Chapel Hill which is handling our home study. We'll get to catch up in March at Christina Pelech's wedding.

Second nice surprise of the day: The Charlotte police ran background checks on us and found nothing. As we had expected. No, really -- we truly expected that. Now, if this had been Michigan...

Final Thought: If dry hands really do prevent prints from being lifted, why would any career criminal ever use hand lotion?


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