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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Adoption Journal 4: A Surprise in the Mail

I was thrilled when I got home and saw the mail -- there was a package that I just knew had a red scarf in it. I put aside everything else (including a packet from our adoption agency that was obviously the finalized homestudy that we've been awaiting forever) to focus on the manila envelope. I saw Margene's post last night about a contribution, so when I unwrapped the tissue I knew instantly that it was a beautiful OPERA SCARF! I jumped up and down and grinned ear to ear, and then called Jacob to tell him about it.

Margene's scarf is the first one I've received in the mail. Several friends and students at my school have given scarves, but this is the first official donation from Blogland. We have put a link to Zeneedle on our site, and we are working on putting buttons by all the knitting sites.

I truly love the Opera Scarf. I might try to knit one myself. I'll have to visit the candystore tomorrow and get the right kind of yarn.The most interesting coincidence about this is that Jacob just spent four days in Park City for Sundance. No sooner does he come home then this amazing gift from Salt Lake City shows up. That makes two great gifts in one week from this beautiful part of the country.

Blogland's first official contribution to the Red Scarf Project.

Deborah's contributions...

... And Danielle's

Lisa models the generous donations from Jane Prater, a handweaver from the Northwest School of the Arts.


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