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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Red Scarf Project 2: The Red Thread Brigade Takes Off

Once again, Lisa has amazed me with her initiative.

She decided recently that she wants to spend her summer in China volunteering at an orphanage. Our adoption referral won't come until October or later, so instead of sitting and waiting she wanted to get to know the country and help out some of its orphans who don't necessarily have an adoptive family on the way. In short, I think this is a spectacular idea, and I'm behind her 100%.

Two agencies will help an American make such a trip, and both require a financial contribution (travel, some living expenses, and an orphanage donation). So Lisa decided to do a fundraiser to help pay for this trip, and her first idea was to knit some red scarves which she could sell for $20 a pop. The scarves don't take too long to make, but still she was looking at a somewhat slow fundraising process.

When I suggested that other knitters could contribute their own wares, which we would sell, suddenly we're off. I put together a web page that we will soon begin advertising, and we've already started spreading the word to local knitters that we're sure will want to pitch in.

In the end, we may only drum up a few hundred dollars, but I think there's also a chance that word of mouth will help it really take off. The knitting community is surprisingly close (er, "tight-knit"?) -- not to mention blog-savvy -- and I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people respond with donations that we can sell off on Ebay.


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