Red Scarf Project

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Red Scarf Project 3: Fun with Bamboo

I hope everyone is having a great knitting and Super Bowl weekend.

We went to Huntersville (N.C.) last night and stopped in at LYS Knit One Stitch Too. I always wondered why people indicated what needle types they use (bamboo, aluminum, casein, etc.). I'm a $5 Michael's plastic needle person myself. What could be the difference?

Instead of buying yarn that a friend suggested, I spent my funds on needles – with Jacob’s support and encouragement. I couldn’t decide between the $8.35 Japanese bamboo and the $21 Vietnamese coconut palm, so I got both. (Jacob bought a techy toy for himself, so it was only fair.)

Back at home I started in with the less expensive and wow, I could tell a difference and knew that I would never go back to plastic. I finished that red scarf and then cast on another using my ultra fancy ones, and wowsy wow wow. Now I’ll never be able to go back to even regular bamboo. My eyes have been opened and I see now what a difference the needles make.

Thanks to Lori and hubby for helping me take my knitting fetish to the next level.


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