Red Scarf Project

Friday, January 14, 2005

Red Scarf Project 5: Our First Volunteer

Lisa did a mass email to all the knitting blogs we could find (There are knitting blogs? Yes, hundreds) and within hours had our first response:

Lisa--a great project. I assume you got my email from reading my blog or from one of my several friends who has made the trip to China for a daughter. I went with one friend in 2002... one of my life's great experiences. So I'm off to get the details from your link but surely to God I'll knit a scarf. Good luck with the project and the adoption. Kay

We are learning quickly that there's a large unexplored intersection between the worlds of knitting and China adoption. Kay's site is Mason-Dixon Knitting and her friend Elisabeth who went to China writes at CurlsandPurlsNYC. Lisa is already hooked on both sites.


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