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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Red Scarf Project 6: Scarves!

In the time since I last posted on the subject of the Red Scarf Project, a lot has happened.

  • The official web announcement went up
  • The first Ebay sale went up
  • Emails went out to about 150 knitting blog owners
  • A few blogs like The Knitty Gritty and others have posted the announcement, and just as importantly emails have come in offering to help Lisa's coworkers gave her a half-dozen red scarves to sell (see Deborah's cool contribution) with more on the way (two from Danielle alone)
  • Dana reached out and pulled in a knitting friend who contributed another 10 or so great-quality scarves
  • Mom, Mark, Judy and others have all bought or promised to buy

At this point, the greatest concern is how to sell the great contributions we're currently getting. Ebay isn't looking like the strongest outlet at this point -- other handmade scarves don't sell for much more than the $10-$15 range. Our best hope is a little advertising and the fact that this is labelled a "FUNDRASIER."

Speaking of fundraising, I had to share a comment from "amysue" found on QueerJoe's Knitting Blog:

I don't know the family adopting from China so can't speak to there situation, but as both an adoptee and an adoptive parent (my kids were born in Asia) I am put off by two things. ... The personal one is simply my own queasiness about fundraising for one's childs aoption-I acknowledge this is *my* issue and what is right for me (not doing it) isn't necc. right for another family. [snip]

I have no idea what could be wrong with raising money to help pay for an adoption. Who loses and/or is hurt?


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