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Friday, January 28, 2005

Things I Learned from a Week in the Online Knitting World

  1. When you cast on with 81 stitches, you can call it one of three things: the German Twisted cast-on, the Old Norwegian cast-on, or the Twisted Half-Hitch cast-on. [link]
  2. Variegated yarn is crazy. [link]
  3. Cutting the toe off a sock is called "sockumcision" [link]
  4. Life is crazy, school is a killer, and it's hard to post when you're out of town. [link]
  5. Those may be the most adorable pewter dachshunds ever. [link]
  6. Aino Praakli's "Kirkindad: Patterned Mittens" is full of fabulous charts, many of which are surprising and new. [link]
  7. A blanket made with a garter stitch has more spring, and yarnovers at the ends of the rows give a place to stitch strips together. [link]
  8. Knitters can help save lives all around the world. [link]
  9. US10.5 needles suck. They take the same amount of time to complete a row that's half as wide as US5 or 6 needles. Plus, there is no flow and your hands get tired. [link]
  10. Bernat DenimStyle acrylic and soft cotton yarn makes a pettable sock monkey. [link]
  11. Sweet Grass Wool it is so different from Magpie Aran Tweed. It caresses your hands as it passes through your fingers [link]
  12. Tuesday is Knitalong Day [link]
  13. On first review, "Spinning Designer Yarns" by Diane Varney looks to be a very well done book. [link]
  14. When giving a gift a yarn to a knitter, surprise them by weighing the box down with books. [link]
  15. A Kitchener stitch requires three things: blunt tapestry needle, a good light source and patience. [link]
  16. If you guessed that this week's work in progress was an Eyelet Rib Wristlet from Terri's pattern, you were right. [link]


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