Red Scarf Project

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Red Scarf Project 11: Overwhelming Generosity

They keep coming and coming -- and I'm so happy. It seems like every day our poor postal delivery person arrives burdened down with even more packages than the day before. But he's young, so don't worry about it.

I'm trying to acknowledge everyone who takes time out of their busy lives, but I'm afraid I'm getting overwhelmed and I don't want to get anyone's contribution wrong. Following this post will be a bunch of pictures, but I won't be labeling who made what for fear of making a mistake. Instead, watch your email or blog comments or good ol' fashioned mailbox for a personal thanks from Jacob and me.

Scarf sales and monetary contributions are also rising. We will mail a check for about $1500 to Hope Foster Home next week, and then they can apply for it to be matched dollar for dollar. We have "adopted" a room, a very special room, at the Special Care Unit. Check it out. Look for Red Scarf USA on the floorplan. I will ask them to change the name so that it will reflect that the Red Scarf Project is a worldwide effort. FYI -- the funds for sponsoring the room will actually go where they deem most needed.

Keep those scarves coming and I'll keep them going.

Part of Friday's loot

Piedmont Open Middle friends and family members keep coming through

Ahhhhh... Ruffles!

Jacob just LOVES showing off this intricate scallop pattern piece which I'm sure took a lot of patience to knit

Detail shot of the scallop pattern piece

Look at this gorgeous seed stitch

Another stunning piece

A curvy creation

I can't help but model this hand-dyed mohair scarf

Wow! Great shipment on Friday -- four packages of lovely scarves.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Adoption Journal 5: The Feds Say OK

I can't believe I forgot to put this in the blog, but last week we got our approval letter to bring an immigrant (i.e. one Chinese baby girl) into the country. This is the second of the three big adoption tollgates: first is the home study, then the immigration approval and finally the referral from China. The trip itself is a reward for putting up with all the nonsense.

Lisa and I were pretty excited to have the packet in hand, and also a little surprised. We'd been told to expect a seriously long wait (as other North Carolina residents have experienced), so we solicited Mom and Dad to make some calls on our behalf. Elizabeth Dole's office assured us that things weren't as behind schedule as we'd heard, and a week later the letter shows up. Probably just coincidence, but you never know.

We mused the other night that little "Poppy" is probably resting comfortably in a orphanage right now after having survived a stressful January. Or maybe her mother's enjoying a little time with her before they have to part. She could even be sitting on a street corner waiting to be discovered by a stranger and taken to a safe place. It's impossible to know.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Red Scarf Project 10: They're Everywhere!

These are just a few of the scarves that have been donated to the Red Scarf Project. The pictures do not do justice to the beauty of these creations. I've not mastered the art of photography to be able to show size, true color and texture, etc. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one, although I can't promise that it will still be available because they are going like hotcakes. Scarves have gone out to California, Kentucky, West Virginia, and other cities in NC.

I've gotten tremendous support at my school -- we raised over $300 at the first scarf party and then $200 more from its aftereffects. I left a few at Smelly Cat coffeehouse in our NoDa neighborhood, and I need to get back down there to drop off some more. For the time being the scarves are riding around in my hatchback awaiting a chance to be shown off. The next major showing will be at Piedmont's SCREAM night where students will run a booth.

This crocheted scarflette is from from mmm...fiber!

This intricate needlework scarf is from Jean at The Scottish Lamb. Jean is also the creator of the now famous Red Scarf Project button (located at right).

This thick eyelash scarf is from Barbara in Charlotte. I met her at the Sewing Bird and she emailed me the next week with a donation.

This lovely heart scarf is from Annie of The KnittyGritty.

Margene from Zeneedle sent this beautiful Opera Scarf.

This plum/wine colored scarf was crocheted by Lali in Charlotte.

This thick scarf was knitted by Lori, one of the Copy Queens at my school.

This speckled red scarf was Danielle's first knitting project in about 20 years!

Danielle's mom picked up her needles again after many years, too!

Students at Piedmont contributed these lovelies.

This long ribbed scarf is from Rin of Charlotte.

These are just a few of the many handwoven scarves that Jane from Charlotte sent. 

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Red Scarf Project 9: Money Talks, Scarves Walk

To quote a famous philosopher, "Woo hoo!"

Lisa's amazing co-workers put together a Red Scarf Party yesterday and bought over $300 in scarves with more orders still to come. (Pictures coming soon -- the home computer's power supply went splat.) Add that to Sunday's Super Bowl get-together with the Posse Chicks, and today we deposited $375 into the special account I set up.

In other news this week, Lisa's meme crossed over to France (and then again) which I'm quoting here just because it sounds funny:

Rejoignez l'initiative de Lisa : The red scarf project. Le but etant d'acheter une echarpe rouge ou de lui en tricoter pour qu'elle puisse les vendre 10$ piece afin d'aider les orphelins chinois.

Web stats are down (almost a one-third the visitors of a week ago), but we knew we couldn't maintain that level so it's not a big deal. The important thing is that the scarves keep coming in the mail (two yesterday alone).

Friday, February 04, 2005

Red Scarf Project 8: Time for Some Shout-Outs

The Red Scarf Project has been more time consuming than either of us expected, but also far more rewarding. There's something amazing about looking at your site statistics and seeing visitors from Hong Kong, Australia, France, along with California, Tennessee and New York. My day job is to build websites where we measure of success in dollars, but it's far more interesting to build one where the measure is in emails sent and friends made.

First, the scarves. They continue to come in at the rate of about one a day. Beautiful ones, too, some where the materials alone cost $35. Lisa jumps up and down each time a package arrives or someone from her school drops one off. Thanks to everyone for making her a happy baby.

Then there are the buyers: mom, Aunt Joyce, Judy, Lorraine, Suzanne, the Sparlings. Today I brought the entire travel box to work with me and Lisa (not Miller) Crews walked out with five to give to her staff. Truly amazing.

And then there's the just plain surprising: an out-of-work friend from college who isn't at all looking for free publicity (even though his site could use some) sent in more cash than he could afford to part with right now.

It's all the little things like this that have made this project such a blast. As Lisa said today when I told her I was holding a single check for $105, "That's more than I expected to make from the whole project when I started this."