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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Adoption Journal 5: The Feds Say OK

I can't believe I forgot to put this in the blog, but last week we got our approval letter to bring an immigrant (i.e. one Chinese baby girl) into the country. This is the second of the three big adoption tollgates: first is the home study, then the immigration approval and finally the referral from China. The trip itself is a reward for putting up with all the nonsense.

Lisa and I were pretty excited to have the packet in hand, and also a little surprised. We'd been told to expect a seriously long wait (as other North Carolina residents have experienced), so we solicited Mom and Dad to make some calls on our behalf. Elizabeth Dole's office assured us that things weren't as behind schedule as we'd heard, and a week later the letter shows up. Probably just coincidence, but you never know.

We mused the other night that little "Poppy" is probably resting comfortably in a orphanage right now after having survived a stressful January. Or maybe her mother's enjoying a little time with her before they have to part. She could even be sitting on a street corner waiting to be discovered by a stranger and taken to a safe place. It's impossible to know.


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