Red Scarf Project

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Red Scarf Project 10: They're Everywhere!

These are just a few of the scarves that have been donated to the Red Scarf Project. The pictures do not do justice to the beauty of these creations. I've not mastered the art of photography to be able to show size, true color and texture, etc. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one, although I can't promise that it will still be available because they are going like hotcakes. Scarves have gone out to California, Kentucky, West Virginia, and other cities in NC.

I've gotten tremendous support at my school -- we raised over $300 at the first scarf party and then $200 more from its aftereffects. I left a few at Smelly Cat coffeehouse in our NoDa neighborhood, and I need to get back down there to drop off some more. For the time being the scarves are riding around in my hatchback awaiting a chance to be shown off. The next major showing will be at Piedmont's SCREAM night where students will run a booth.

This crocheted scarflette is from from mmm...fiber!

This intricate needlework scarf is from Jean at The Scottish Lamb. Jean is also the creator of the now famous Red Scarf Project button (located at right).

This thick eyelash scarf is from Barbara in Charlotte. I met her at the Sewing Bird and she emailed me the next week with a donation.

This lovely heart scarf is from Annie of The KnittyGritty.

Margene from Zeneedle sent this beautiful Opera Scarf.

This plum/wine colored scarf was crocheted by Lali in Charlotte.

This thick scarf was knitted by Lori, one of the Copy Queens at my school.

This speckled red scarf was Danielle's first knitting project in about 20 years!

Danielle's mom picked up her needles again after many years, too!

Students at Piedmont contributed these lovelies.

This long ribbed scarf is from Rin of Charlotte.

These are just a few of the many handwoven scarves that Jane from Charlotte sent. 


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