Red Scarf Project

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Red Scarf Project 11: Overwhelming Generosity

They keep coming and coming -- and I'm so happy. It seems like every day our poor postal delivery person arrives burdened down with even more packages than the day before. But he's young, so don't worry about it.

I'm trying to acknowledge everyone who takes time out of their busy lives, but I'm afraid I'm getting overwhelmed and I don't want to get anyone's contribution wrong. Following this post will be a bunch of pictures, but I won't be labeling who made what for fear of making a mistake. Instead, watch your email or blog comments or good ol' fashioned mailbox for a personal thanks from Jacob and me.

Scarf sales and monetary contributions are also rising. We will mail a check for about $1500 to Hope Foster Home next week, and then they can apply for it to be matched dollar for dollar. We have "adopted" a room, a very special room, at the Special Care Unit. Check it out. Look for Red Scarf USA on the floorplan. I will ask them to change the name so that it will reflect that the Red Scarf Project is a worldwide effort. FYI -- the funds for sponsoring the room will actually go where they deem most needed.

Keep those scarves coming and I'll keep them going.


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