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Friday, February 04, 2005

Red Scarf Project 8: Time for Some Shout-Outs

The Red Scarf Project has been more time consuming than either of us expected, but also far more rewarding. There's something amazing about looking at your site statistics and seeing visitors from Hong Kong, Australia, France, along with California, Tennessee and New York. My day job is to build websites where we measure of success in dollars, but it's far more interesting to build one where the measure is in emails sent and friends made.

First, the scarves. They continue to come in at the rate of about one a day. Beautiful ones, too, some where the materials alone cost $35. Lisa jumps up and down each time a package arrives or someone from her school drops one off. Thanks to everyone for making her a happy baby.

Then there are the buyers: mom, Aunt Joyce, Judy, Lorraine, Suzanne, the Sparlings. Today I brought the entire travel box to work with me and Lisa (not Miller) Crews walked out with five to give to her staff. Truly amazing.

And then there's the just plain surprising: an out-of-work friend from college who isn't at all looking for free publicity (even though his site could use some) sent in more cash than he could afford to part with right now.

It's all the little things like this that have made this project such a blast. As Lisa said today when I told her I was holding a single check for $105, "That's more than I expected to make from the whole project when I started this."


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