Red Scarf Project

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Journey's End, Journey Begins

Tomorrow morning I leave for China. All the arrangements with the Hope Foster Home are made, my bags are packed, zero flight and all that. Thanks to everyone who either knitted or purchased or both, we donated $6,000 to the home, possibly with more to come. To call this project a success would be an understatement.

This site will go dorment for a while. The Red Scarf Project itself has been winding down for some time now, but this will be the last update this site at least until fall. In the meantime, hubby will be posting news about me on his blog at

Thanks again to everyone!


  • At 6/30/2005 4:21 PM, Blogger tiffany said…

    I have a scarf in transit for you. I mailed it out about a week a go. I tried to get it to you in time. Sorry it will be too late!

    Enjoy your trip and safe travels! I will be following your husband's updates!


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