Red Scarf Project

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In Memory of Dong Lin (Peter)

Dong Lin made my heart sing.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Knit Unto Others and Call for Suggestions

I'm knitting like a knitting maniac so that I can complete as many items as possible during these 2 weeks of the Knit Unto Others knitalong. Join in -- see the cool button in my sidebar!
Hope is a fellow knitter and she emailed with a very good point and question, "Do you know what materials would be best for making warm things for the kids? I have noticed in the past many people who collect for institutions don't want things made from pure wool or anything difficult to wash." My response: I'll pose this question to other knitters. :-) So send in your suggestions! I will also research on some charity knitting sites and let you know what I find. I am currently using Lion's Wool-ease, which is combines wool for warmth and acrylic for washability. I will also double-strand with Lion's Homespun. I bought one of the red scarves that was double-knitted with it and boy is it warm and soft!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

URGENT Need for Knitted Items for Children in Shunyi and Shan Xi

Hello! from the estranged RSP knitter (um, that's me, Lisa Miller).

I received an email from an RSP friend in Beijing. She has an urgent request for winter items for children. Please read her message below. Please mail items to me and I will get them to Amy ASAP! My address: 1205 E. 35th St., Charlotte, NC 28205.

Amy's message:

"I volunteer every week at the China Care Children's home in Shunyi, which is close to the Hope Foster home. China Care has in Shunyi, about 30 babies to toddlers and now some school aged kids. When I was there last week the Chinese office manager and I were talking about the school aged kids and shetold me the new 4 year old deaf boy had finally been placed in a school. I thought it was great, howevershe then told me he might not could go any longer asit is starting to get cold here and his school has noheat and he has no warm clothes. So I came home andbegged all my Western neighbours for clothes and Iwent to the market and bought him a coat and then Iknit a hat and scarf. I went back with all the stuffand the same Chinese lady says great, we also have 87school aged kids with the same problem in foster homesin Shan Xi. I knit a lot, but I don't think I canknit for 87 kids!Should you happen to belong to a knitting group andyou all are searching for a project...this could be one! I even have an FPO address which means no international postage fees. If you don't belong to such a group, could you give me any pointers on how toget the word out? Thanks so much, Amy in getting colder by the day Beijing"

and this is her next email:
"Hats, scarves, maybe mittens, even sweaters and vestsfor the kids would be very much appreciated. I sawsome of the toddlers going outside today at the homeand the hat bag was only full of summer caps. Betterthan nothing I guess, but I need to knit up a few. Babies through school aged. And I guess I should add there of course more kidsthan the ones in Shunyi and Shan Xi, China Care haschildren's homes in Batou, Inner Mongolia and Tiuanyi. As well as various other support type projects, Iknow all the other foster home/children's homes in thearea also support other programs through China.Too many kids to keep warm!"